There is a way you can reach the nation’s largest audience …

  “Adults 50 and older make up a whopping 45% of the population – the nation’s largest demographic – and will remain so for the next 50 years. They’ve acquired valuable life experience, leadership skills, and wisdom. Their commitment to Christ has stood the test of time.”
~The Galli Report,, 2/18/15

It turns out that mature adults have a Christian radio station tailored specifically for them. Broken Road Radio is seeking affiliates who themselves are seeking a way of reaching this audience that is so often outside the reach of contemporary Christian radio. These are thoughtful, mature adults who are looking still deeper into their faith lives even as they contemplate the full breadth of their life experiences.

Some recent listener comments …

“Broken Road Radio (BRR) is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.  Jim Park has found an engaging way to blend a portfolio of popular nostalgic music with spiritually meaty songs, intriguing interviews and a delightfully quirky approach to the world news.  The end result is a winsome, appealing and unique mix of wholesome entertainment with food for the mind and soul.  It’s the kind of programming I’ve always been looking for, but didn’t know it until I experienced it.  And from a non-profit’s perspective, BRR is aimed at an ideal audience – people over 50 with time on their hands and money in their pockets who are endearingly loyal. We’re the salt on the Christian Radio stew that sharpens the flavor.
”Personally, I love the BRR music selection which so often evokes pleasant memories of the past that causes me to smile and say to myself, “I’m REALLY glad Jim played that one!”  I highly recommend BRR.  It beats anything that satellite radio has to offer hands down as well as anything I have yet found on my AM/FM dial.” ~ Doug Greenwold, SeniorTeaching Fellow, Preserving Bible Times

Guest #702, February 4, 2015 – 9:27 am: “You’re on the mark with your insights and radio commentary Jim… Thank you for Broken Road Radio. The BRR service is touching lives as you and David present truth, in a well-reasoned style, seasoned with spontaneous elements of humor and grace.”

Guest #304, February 20, 2015 – 10:00 am: “Few things are better, on a late winter cold morning, than music on Broken Road Radio, warm conversation of friends on the air, and hot coffee at my desk. Thank you for all that you do to provide the ambient sounds of a balanced life.”


Our hope and plan is to complement traditional Christian radio in a way that both expands its audience and addresses a crying need for both variety and depth in program content. Our very name, “Broken Road”, is an allegory for a life riddled with puddles, potholes and dead ends, but yet also the natural route to the eventual realization that the Creator’s place is front and center in the life of any and every man.

We entertain our listeners with music they have known and enjoyed over the decades, both sacred and secular. We perform live interviews and archive podcasts of meaningful conversations with articulate and knowledgeable people and programs such as these:

 • Dr. Don Clark, a biochemist and board Vice Chairman with Creation Moments, joins us on Tuesday mornings during our 8:00 hour Central. You’ll enjoy a true scientist’s perspectives on faith and you can join the discussion in our chat window. Creation vs. evolution? Science vs. faith? Will the war ever end? Listen in as we lob a few shells over the ramparts.

• Doug Greenwold of Preserving Bible Times visits just after 8:00 Central each Wednesday morning to guide us through the historical and cultural context of Scripture. We also feature Doug’s “Digging Deeper” program.

• Gisle Sorli, Family Wealth Counselor, visits Thursday mornings just after 8:00. He often brings guests with him from worthwhile ministries and interesting careers, and teaches us how truly broad a meaning has the word “stewardship”.

Groundworks with Pastor Dave Bast is heard Thursday evenings at 8:00 (Central) on Broken Road Radio …earnest but casual conversations examining the application of Scripture to everyday life in answer to serious questions posed by listeners. Not at all “preachy”. Good stuff!
•Sunday evenings enjoy “Lamplighter Theatre” at 7:00 …dramatic new, state-of-the-art productions of centuries old stories done in the spirit of old radio. Great for young and old alike.

•Sunday evenings enjoy Lamplighter Theatre at 7:00 …dramatic new, state-of-the-art productions of centuries old stories done in the spirit of old radio. Great for young and old alike.

• Other voices heard on Broken Road Radio: Steve Brown, Ken Davis, Ian Taylor, Ron Hutchcraft, Tony Dungy, Jeff Klein, Tony Perkins, and Mark Hamby.


Give us a listen …sample us, at various times and dayparts. We think you’ll agree that there is a place for us in your broadcast day.

If you have questions or comments regarding our search for broadcast affiliates, please offer them in the “comment” space below. We’ll respond posthaste.


  1. Give me a call any M-Th … 8:30 a.m. – 1: 00 p.m.
    Would like to learn more about putting BRR on our station.

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