MORNING SHOW, APRIL 17, 2015: Gary West and his pastor join us from the Philippines …

Dr. Gary West, former resident here in the lake region of East Dakota, along with his local pastor, explains how he was called to serve the Kingdom in the Philippines by founding a small group there to educate local folk on proper diet and lifestyle to help combat the rampant diabetes that plagues the area. He also seeks funding for a community van in order to provide transportation for those group members at Gary, himself a diabetic, talks to us from his home in Bogo City, Philippines (please forgive some noise in our connection) …


  1. I Know Gary West from when I lived in Brainerd Minnesota and he was there too. He has been a good friend for many years and I support what he does. He is a genuine man of God may God bless him for what he is doing in obedience to his word. I hope soon he can get the support to get the van he needs and be more flexible to do his ministry more effectively.

  2. Hi Gary,
    I have a little update for you as I am listening to your online blog radio.
    Am closer to my goal of moving to the Philippines. I am almost finished
    with first camper. Just need to hook up my tail lights. Then it goes on
    eBay auction. When sold, I will pay the credits and put my carpenter to
    work building the second one which will be worth about twice as much.
    When that is sold, he will build me a deluxe model worth much more.
    I will put my health book into an eBook website. Also, when it is possible
    I will be selling it in paperback in the National Bookstore. It was accepted
    by them 8 years ago, but did not have the capital.
    I plan to meet with you shortly after I arrive to discuss a small business
    to help you become a self supporting ministry. Perhaps some of your
    congregation will be able to work in that business.
    I am writing my 3rd book called, “The Anatomy of Apostacy. I heard your
    talk on the podcast. I too am nondenominational and follw the origional
    model of the “church” as it was for the first 300 years. Yes, it was Constantine
    who corrupted it by supposedly freeing it from persecution, but then forcing
    pagan temples, idols, vain repetitious prayers, and pagentry, and tons of
    rituals and programs to replace obedience to the Holy Spirit.
    I met my Filipina wife by being kicked out of a denominational church in
    San Fernando Pampanga.The pastor invited me in as a guest for 10 days.
    I was loved by his family and the congregation, but a guy with a “doctors degree”
    in theology. had me kicked out after I had filled in speaking to the congregation
    while the pastor and his wife went on their honeymoon. I forgave them and went
    on to Magalang, where I got respect.
    Three years later my present brother-in-law had moved in with his congregation.
    I heard from one of the parishioners, of the previous church, that the former
    congregation had disbanded. Some fell away, some went to other churches.
    Three years after that, I met his sister and married her the same year. We are in
    our 15th year of marriage this year. And yes, soon to move back to the Philippines
    to finish the call that came from the Lord in the summer of 1993.
    That is my update. Looking forward to coffee with you sometime this year.
    God Bless you, the Pastor and congregation, It’s bro. Jim Glaim

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