MORNING SHOW, FEBRUARY 7, 2017: Ethics as complicated as the science in creating human-pig “chimeras” …

Dr. Don Clark of Creation Moments, along with Jim, David and the Morning Show audience, examines an article from The Smithsonian touting scientific progress in cultivating human-pig “chimeras” as a promising source of human organs for transplant (and the ethics thereof) …


  1. Actually, when people get a heart transplant or any heart surgery that requires the use of a bypass machine, patients will usually have mental issues afterwards. My step father could see aliens coming through the tiles in the ceiling. He kept seeing things that weren’t there for awhile after the heart surgery. So, I wouldn’t blame a new heart is the blame for personality change. There is a higher chance that it was the result of the bypass machine and oxygenation during the surgery that is more of the problem with personality change.
    Also, they use pig heart valves all the time as replacements in human hearts. There are usually not many problems with rejections.
    However, I still don’t like the idea of pig/human “chimeras”.

  2. Michelle says:

    pigs dont have spirits, humans do, it may produce some type of mutation,It could produce deformaties and mental problems just to name a few…Come quickly LORD JESUS

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