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Broken Road Radio is an old, familiar flavor of radio, much closer to what you may remember listening to on the radio if you tuned in during the 60’s, except we’re grownups now. Here you’ll enjoy the music of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, both sacred and popular. We play newer music, too, but we’re downright picky about it. We throw in an occasional mental meander now and then just to see if you’re paying attention, and we’re not shy about offering a little encouragement and inspiration, either. We’re not here to teach. We’re here to listen and learn right along with you. We’re about depth, not dogma. This is radio for grownups. We’re glad you found us!

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Happy trails, Cowboy Jim!ok
Thank you, 5071. Music..well, it's ours. Can't imagine a better place to spend time than BRR. Look forward to Jim's return.
Sorry,'s apparent b
...b...BRR has a new mission different from what I understood. Sure hope it all works for BRR. Blessings all. Bye, bye.
JP checking in this morning from Tyler, Texas. Don't know why you think the BED mission has changed
Make that the BRR mission. There has been no change
What m
GNH, what makes you think so?
JP ...on the way home. Texas impressed, but it's time to return to the studio. Welcome to Broken Road Radio and a melodious Monday!
Leaving' on a jet plane...
Jim Park
It's good to be home again and we're looking forward to your company here along the Broken Road. Welcome to Broken Road Radio and the very best music of the past six decades (and then some)! Thanks for visiting our site and (we'd like to think) ...for tuning in. Please let us know what you think about what you hear. Onward ... smile
Jim Park
It's another winsome Wednesday and we are especially grateful to all those who have stuck with us during our hiatus and our return to the air. Our live Morning Show is scheduled to resume in November and we really, really look forward to getting back to normal.

One listener expressed concern that our mission has changed. Not so. The mission of Broken Road Radio is unchanged. Read more about it under the "About Us" tab at the top of this page. Onward, y'all ... clouds
And greetings to all y'all bye
Jim Park
Got me. It's that time I spent in Texas, I 'spect.
Jim Park
It's another good musical morning, and a Thankful Thursday at that. Welcome to Broken Road Radio! We are truly interested in your feedback as we seek to reestablish our audience after our early summer hiatus. Programming has changed in some subtle ways, so please let us know what you think with an email or a note here in the chat window. Our live Morning Show is set to resume on Monday, November 6th. We're back. Tell a friend! ... smile
Jim Park
We welcome you to Broken Road Radio on this fair Friday morning, trusting you stopped by for a reason ...either checking up on our return to the air or, perhaps, eager to surround your ears with the best music of the past six decades. Either way, we're glad you came! Listen in for awhile and let us know your thoughts on the matter.

We perambulate onward toward the Light ...over that-a-way ... clouds
Jim Park
Welcome to yet another winsome weekend here along the Broken Road, which, by the way, is meant to be an allegory for the life path we all tread at our own pace, encountering many of the same puddles, potholes, dead ends and dark alleys, not to mention the joys. Thanks for dropping by Broken Road Radio! We hope you enjoy what you hear. Let us know, either way ... ok
Puddles will appear later tonight. smile
Jim Park
Thanks for the warning. Bumbershoots are close at hand. feel_peace
Jim Park
We've experienced a few internet problems today. Things appear to be back to normal now. Thanks for your patience ...
moon stars
Jim Park
Good morning one and all and welcome to a Tuesday here along the Broken Road we all travel. Serious autumn here in East Dakota ...glorious fall colors, clear and cool, though we will reach a sweltering 69 degrees today.

Fall is a sweet/sad time, perhaps the season that evokes the most emotion. That happens because we ponder life with reference to this earthly annual cycle. The music we offer helps if you allow it ...reminding us of benchmarks along the road, good people and the Promise of what's to come. Welcome to Broken Road Radio! clouds
Jim Park
Winsome Wednesday has arrived in all its Wednesdayness. Welcome to Broken Road Radio and the best music on the air. Your favorites of a lifetime, still on the air. Here. Give us a listen and let us know if it's otherwise ... smile
Jim Park
News from David today ...The Ruminator has notified us that he will be traveling on November 6th and 7th, much to our utter dismay. Regrettably, we must postpone the return of the Morning Show until November 13th. omg
Jim Park
Thankful Thursday and the music streams on. Thanks for dropping by Broken Road Radio! There have been some subtle changes since our early summer hiatus, but the mission and the music are the same. We have added a few more songs from the 80's and moved some things around the schedule. We hope you like what you hear, here on BRR. Do let us know your thoughts ... feel_peace
Jim Park
Fair Friday, it is, and the music persists. Welcome to Broken Road Radio! Those of you who have listened to our Morning Show in the past know David Allan Pundt as the raconteur of right-wing rants and the Grand Poo-bah of political pontification. Well, David informed me yesterday that he will need another "week off" to attend a conference in Las Vegas (of all places) the week of November 6th when we were due to resume the program. National Ruminators' Association? The "other" NRA? We've moved the date to November 13th. We'll expect details, David. Travel safely! ... silly
Jim Park
We find ourselves in the midst of another weekend here in East Dakota. C'mon in ...the music's fine! Welcome to Broken Road Radio. You are invited to tune in for awhile and then to let us know what you think about what you hear and, if you are so inclined, to tell a friend that "radio for grownups" has returned.

Savor the season. smile
Mornin', glory...sun
Jim Park
Guest_5744 US Edmond, US
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The music is back, the Morning Show returns in November …

We’ve returned to the air with music, and, beginning in November, our live Morning Show resumes. While we understand that most folks listen to us for the music, you should know that our 8:00 (Central) hour weekday mornings will again contain conversations with some articulate folks with special knowledge to share with you. Not sermons. Not preachy stuff. Not churchy, either. Typically, these last for 30 minutes or so, then it’s back to music. If you don’t mind going a bit deeper into the things that matter, listen for these special people …

• Dr. Don Clark, a biochemist and board Vice Chairman with Creation Moments, joins us each Tuesday morning during our 8:00 hour Central. You’ll enjoy a true scientist’s perspective on faith and you can join the discussion in the chat window above. Creation vs. evolution? Science vs. faith? Will the war ever end? Listen in as we lob a few shells over the ramparts.

• Doug Greenwold, Senior Teaching Fellow at Preserving Bible Times visits just after 8:00 Central each Wednesday morning to guide us through the historical and cultural context of Scripture.

• Gisle Sorli, our resident Norwegian and Family Wealth Counselor, visits Thursday mornings just after 8:00 when we discover together just how broad a meaning has the term “stewardship”.

Tune in for our live Morning Show from 7 – 10am Central each weekday beginning in November …but you can listen all day, every day for music you’ll remember, music that inspires, makes you smile and even teaches. These are melodies that please, lyrics you can understand and artists that won’t yell at you.

We invite you to visit our Podcast page to hear and download past conversations with Doug Greenwold, Dr. Don Clark, Gisle Sorli and many others …and thanks for finding Broken Road Radio!

BRR is now heard on …

Online radio

…and on TuneIn, too!

Music is 2 clicks away …

Listen, participate, enjoy …

Dr. Don’s grape ranch down Texas way …