Kathryn Hoffman, staff attorney with the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, discusses with Dave and Jim the concerns of the MCEA with the proposed PolyMet mining operation in northeastern Minnesota and the rigors of the second environmental impact study for the project …

MORNING SHOW, FEBRUARY 3, 2014 (click here to reveal links)

Dr. Don Clark, biochemist and member of the board of Creation Moments, shares news out of North Carolina State University on a genetically targeted antibiotic that has the potential to solve the medical dilemma of the end of the antibiotic age, and touches on news from the CDC regarding the health aspects of raw milk …

MORNING SHOW, JANUARY 29, 2014 (click here to reveal link)

Doug Greenwold of Preserving Bible Times chats with Jim and David about his recently completed “Bible Alive Intensive” seminar in Maryland, recalling the reactions of, in particular, the clergy in attendance and then moves on to a discussion of contextual teaching in seminaries across the country …

MORNING SHOW, JANUARY 27, 2014 (click here to reveal links)

Dr. Don and Jim discuss a recent post over at on the upcoming debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye over young earth creationism, focusing on the Hebrew word “yom” and its use in Genesis I, and then examine a recent post in the Science News area of telling of a 3,700 year old tablet in […]

MORNING SHOW, JANUARY 21, 2014 (click here to reveal links)

Dr. Mitch Pearlstein and Dr. Kent Kaiser of the Center of the American Experiment discuss Dr. Pearlstein’s book From Family Collapse to America’s Decline and findings that indicate the development of the caretaker government in the U.S. is responsible, in part, for the devaluation of men in the eyes of women, leading to a diminished role for men in the modern […]


Dr. Don Clark discusses his response to a letter received from Nicolas, a college student who questions his microbiology professor’s stance on evolution and the assumptions that seem to underlie all his teaching. Among Don’s responses to Nicolas is an article at on irreducible complexity and a film trailer available at …


David introduces us to Dr. George Hudak and Dr. Donald Fosnacht who bring us news about a proposed mining project in northeastern Minnesota. George and Don elaborate on the science of mining and some of the environmental safeguards planned for this monumental copper mining operation that has been in the planning phase for a decade and which […]

MORNING SHOW, JANUARY 14, 2014 (click here to reveal link)

The Reverend Dr. John DeLancey stops by the Morning Show to recount and elaborate on the top ten archaeological finds in Israel during 2013 as reported by Christianity Today …


Dr. Don Clark brings us an article from Answers in Genesis comparing the account of The Great Flood in Genesis with other ancient stories of this global cataclysm such as The Epic of Gilgamesh and adds information about some of the scientific evidence for such an event …


Jim and David are joined by Dr. Jeff Hertzberg, co-author of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, to talk about his less labor intensive method of making old fashioned yet healthful artisan breads in your own kitchen as well as reciting a little of the history of bread making. More details concerning his very successful […]