Dr. Don helps us examine the validity of scientific claims for a 4-billion year old earth and reveals recent findings that radioactive dating may not be all it’s cracked up to be …


  1. Super exciting subject; been putting off, (other conflicts) becoming a member, wish to learn more, myself. It makes me think, “too bad we did not all live 3-4 times longer”…….
    just to be able to study and support more of these wonderful topics”. They sure do “excite the mind”, just thinking about it all…..”great stuff”! “Hooray” to the scientists…!

  2. Ernest Johnson says:

    Hi there from Calgary i just listened to D.Clark and you and i know we must start and finish with God’s Word for things relating to Him and involving Him and we MUST continue with His continuity to teach the children and babes in The Lord; SO… let us start with why should i go against God’s Word – is it someone’s agenda and or “religious” purpose of self-serve etc. etc. AND IN God’s Word we are given ALL the perspective we need and could possibly imagine (so why let “worldlywiseman” confuse???). God gave us; His human creation=the last thing He ever created and the most loved of His creation-and look what “christendom” does with that; for the most part usually “religiousizes” it(& this IS too bad!); anyway; In The Beginning…”(7 Hebrew words & 10 English words) we can find THE BEGINNING; AND God even told us how He did it and how long it took Him(for our concerns by the way) and so in the first three chapters of Genesis we have more than we need. Now many knowledgeable people in many fields have phrased and come up with most needed understandings with perspective on how to convey to others the important facts and too ask where they are with God. Let me point out some of the most needed perspectives(for; did you know that the BIGGEST attack on God’s Word is with creation=first eleven chapters in Genesis?) ASK the “confused and confusers” if they knew that EVERY New Testament writer directly quotes and or alludes to those first 11 chapters AND even Jesus(God in the flesh) does so as well. Does this alone have any validity for them; it should. Add now that right in the middle of the Ten Commandments there is the repeat of six days and compare; say; the three days Jesus visited those in prison=to rerveal Himself; was this 3000yrs/days OR maybe 3,000,000 0R 3,000,000,000yrs/days or… “we” should point out the problem with that alone BUT here is one more for now; in John 5:46-47 AND Luke 16:31 we see Jesus asking of the heart and where it must be; “If you do not believe what Moses…”. You see it IS IMPORTANT to allow God to say what He said/says; if “they” got you confused and or following a lie/confusion at The Beginning then put the ball in their court and ask them; Just where does God start telling The Truth??? What is one left with? Well they end up having to make it up as they go and choose what they like only in God’s Word to serve themselves AND they will have only to surround themselves with what they want to hear and have the ears tickled etc. You see Biblical is missing and being stripped out of Christendom as of late more and more; His Word does not really matter for God is a God of love only!!!(???) One either wants what He has for them OR one does not but make no mistake; If God would not change His Word to save His own Son(i personally care not for the “iffy” things-but to illustrate here) do you think He will change to save you? Go to Him folks for He waits for you to seek, ask & knock etc.etc. etc. There is more but i hope and pray you are standing on His Foundation and walking upon His Narrow Road according to His Living Word. Well most know i can go on(and i know it is important to do just that) but suffice it for now and thanks for your ear. Won Christian Pilgrim ernie.

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