MORNING SHOW, JANUARY 27, 2014 (click here to reveal links)

Dr. Don and Jim discuss a recent post over at on the upcoming debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye over young earth creationism, focusing on the Hebrew word “yom” and its use in Genesis I, and then examine a recent post in the Science News area of telling of a 3,700 year old tablet in the British Museum that seems to contain plans for an ark …


  1. Along with million of others, I watched the long-anticipated debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham last night. I was not disappointed. While I’m sure that the evolutionary crowd are crowing about how the “Christian was eaten whole by the Lion”, anyone who saw the debate knows Ham went toe-to-toe for over 2.5 hours with Nye and has NOTHING to apologize or feel badly about!

    The clear distinction between world views was evident. I’m rejoicing that the Gospel was heard in clarity, and that the evolutionary world view exposed for its blatant anti-theistic focus. God will honor his Word and the words of Ham in giving a strong apologetic for the Genesis account.

    Christians need never take a backseat in the debate about the origin of our universe. God will be exalted.

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