David, Jim and Dr. Don Clark react to the recent video from “Bill Nye the Science Guy” suggesting that children should not be taught creationism but should learn instead about evolution because, “when you have a portion of the population that doesn’t believe in it, it holds everyone back.”…


  1. I’m glad to hear people talking about refutations to Bill Nye’s evolution claims, but those who hear your discussions probably do not include Bill Nye or those in his camp. May I request, since Bill Nye is a pop-culture personality influencing easily-impressionable people, people who characteristically lack rational thinking skills – may I request that you take on Bill Nye in person? When I get messages put right before my face, against my will, on Facebook, which promote an array of things from evolution, humanism, paganism and more, I do what I do when I do when I play Scrabble: I say, “Challenge!” And I don’t sit around with a group of people talking about the person I am challenging, I challenge the very person himself, and I do it immediately. Your talk, as much as I appreciate it, strikes me as something less than productive.

    • Bill McKenzie says:

      As I heard it, Bill Nye refuses to debate Creation scientists. The web is rife with lame excuses for his not doing so, but the fact is he knows he would be made a laughing stock. Of course, Bill is not a Phd. scientist to begin, and he has a vested interest in maintaining and evagelizing for the macro-evolution hoax. Public exposure of his religious fanaticism regarding evolutionism despite that the evidence strongly points to a young earth and creation would destroy his livelihood.

  2. Bill McKenzie says:

    Would like to edit my above comment. I meant to say “…I believe the fact is he knows he would be made a laughing stock.”

  3. Thanks Bill for your comment. Evolutionist will no longer debate Creationist because the audience sees through their agenda too easily. They often talk down to their follow debater rather than actually discussing the science or evidence for or against. Bill Nye has chosen to take this latter approach rather than to discus the facts. Hopefully through his rantings he will loose watchers to his program and eventually his job. He has certainly loss credibility with me. Blessings.

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