Preserving Bible Times 3D Map of Israel (shown framed)

This 3-D map of Israel, measuring 9.6″ by 21.5″ is available, framed or unframed, from Preserving Bible Times. Please call (410) 953-0557 to order.


  1. How do I order one of these? Thank you!

    • At the moment, Tim, the 3-D map is available only by telephone from Preserving Bible Times, based in Maryland. The number to call is: (410)953-0557. I am hoping they will soon have it available from their web site, but for now, it takes a telephone call. They can be purchased either framed or unframed.

  2. John Sweeney says:

    I ordered a map for a friend and will call again today to order another map for another friends 50th birthday. I eventually get one for myself.

    Would this be a correct forum to share some thoughts against Christian Psychology?

    • Jim Park says:

      John sorry for the delay in addressing your post here …hope the 3D maps serve the purpose for you and your friend.

      I know nothing of Christian Psychology, but we’re very open to ideas here. It may be you would want to participate in one of our other audio archive threads, or leave comment on our home page in the chat window. I would love to know more.

      Blessings! …thanks for dropping by.

  3. Hello,
    How can I order this map to Hungary?
    Can you help me?

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