Nurse in the blue dress. It’s Tuesday, 9/13/16

Hey there, Deplorables! Its Tuesday, 9/13/16

Inside Google Tale Goes Outside. Its a Monday 9/12/2016

The Wild Hillary Weekend. Its a Monday, 9/12/2016

Barack the First faces veto override? Its a Friday, 9/9/16

Barack the First may rant and rave about getting no cooperation from Congress but he’s never had his veto overridden. That may change soon. DAP, this is Broken Road Radio Top of the Hour news. After the US Senate unanimously approved a bill allowing US citizens to sue Saudi Arabia for 911 attack damages earlier […]

James, James, what have you done to my FBI? Its a Friday, 9/9/16

These are the days I wish Ephrem Zimbalist Jr. was still in charge. DAP, this is Broken Road Radio, Top of the Hour News. I wonder if any of the ’65-74 TV series included releasing a report to the public late on Friday. Strike One: FBI Director James Comey (the real one, not the TV […]

Donald and Hill: First Blood, and local politics becomes national. Its a Thursday. 9-8-16