How were those allergic reactions last September?

Benghazi Hill’s coughing spells and health queries in general continue. Even on the plane with all those hostile, snarling media? The best parts of the press footage coming off the plane happens when the candidate leaves the room. That’s when people talk openly and that’s when we get the tidbits. One reporter, supposedly the guy holding the camera said in yesterday’s Fox feed, “do you think I’ve still got the camera running?” The beginning of the feed has Benghazi Hill coughing a lot. Then she leaves the media group, walks to the front of the plane and the flight attendant announces that everybody should turn off all devices and prepare to land. The media folk keep chatting amongst themselves, having a good time, passing pretzels, sharing complimentary beverages. Later, Hill strolls back, seems to be more relaxed and said the coughing is not a problem, she has seasonal allergies, even her doctor says so, and she remembers now that she coughed a lot last September too. Someone should be able to check that out, if its worth the time to find another Hill tall tale.  I don’t remember a coughing Hill last September but maybe… Let’s see; Foundation meetings? Fundraisers? Blackberry smashing parties? Nope. Don’t remember. I get rid of my seasonal allergies with psuedoephedrine-enhanced meds, the 12-hour tablets.  Hey! can I get a sponsorship for the drug plug? No charge for the medical advice, BH.

Your pal, Dave the Ruminator

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