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Broken Road Radio is an old, familiar flavor of radio, much closer to what you may remember listening to on the radio if you tuned in during the 60’s, except we’re grownups now. Here you’ll enjoy the music of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, both sacred and popular. We play newer music, too, but we’re downright picky about it. We throw in an occasional mental meander now and then just to see if you’re paying attention, and we’re not shy about offering a little encouragement and inspiration, either. We’re not here to teach. We’re here to listen and learn right along with you. We’re about depth, not dogma. This is radio for grownups. We’re glad you found us!

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ok clap
sad ***sigh***
Jim Park
Busy week and month ahead. Lots of travel to come, beginning with a flight west today. In between trips we are working out the details for our return to the air. Target date is September 21st when we will be back with music around the clock. We're excited about that and hope you are, too! Do stay tuned for more details as we get close ...
clap ok heart oh_please
Awesome! Thanks for keeping this going. I have enjoyed the comments here and the music clips in the mean time. Mike from Ohio
JP here ...headed home from Portland, Oregon today. Fascinating three days with time spent at Mount St Helens. Looking forward to East Dakota sunshine!
Jim Park
Ten days and counting. The countdown begins as we anticipate our return to the air on Thursday, September 21st. We'll begin slowly 'round the clock with our Morning Show to return a few weeks afterward. Still, it will be wonderful to let this music loose again. We're Broken Road Radio and, Lord willing (and we think He is) ...we're coming back.
Jim Park
OK. Now it's nine days and we're starting to get excited. We've added some new selections to the music library, we're tailoring our programming schedule a bit and refining things just a little. No major changes, however. We're about the best music of the past six decades and then some ...admittedly a subjective decision unless you're a baby boomer, in which case you know what that means! bye
Oh, hurray! So nice hearing from Jim. We
....look forward to BrokenRoadRadio as our go-to place for this and that.
Jim Park
8! ... smile
Was listening to something Gershwin. Am reminded of BRR's extraordinary appeal: On one hand, the mission serves our Christ, the one who suffered, died on the cross, then rose to life on the third day. Then again, BRR delivers the most wonderful, truly powerful aural artistry people and their instruments can produce. This is a wonderful combination, and I enjoy prospect of more BRR again sometime soon.
Jim Park
4 days and counting! The music returns on Thursday. In the meantime, greetings from Missoula, Montana ok
Jim Park
Tomorrow, tomorrow ... (I love ya', tomorrow) ...the music's just a day away. Sometime tomorrow we'll crank things up once again, barring any major surprises today. We will begin with music 24 hours a day. David and I will wait a bit before climbing in the saddle again with the live Morning Show. Still, it will feel good to be back! We sure hope you're still out there ...thanks to those who have offered encouragement during our absence from the airwaves! smile
Ah, Broken Road!!! How I have missed the melodies and harmonies. Though I am far from home. I hope to hear you soon. heart
Jim Park
The music is back! We're still having some challenges getting our playlist to appear, but we're on it.
Jim Park
Welcome to Thankful Thursday here along the Broken Road. Yes, we are on the air once again. We hope you'll enjoy the music on Broken Road Radio and will tell a friend or two who might appreciate what we have to offer. With our new broadcast setup, numbers of listeners are critical to us. Still a little tweaking to accomplish until everything is working right ...including our playlist issue ...but we're back and we are glad and we are thankful. Savor the day! sun
Hallelujah!! Here's hoping I can make it work on my smart phone. Welcome back!clap heart
Jim Park
Please let us know if you have problems. We're supposed to be "mobile friendly" ...
So far, so good. Oh. So. Good.
Works even better than it did before on my smartphone
Glad to know you're back. I will happily check back from time to time. Congratulations broken road on a successful return a_phone clap heart
Howdy was excited to start hearing music early this morning West Coast time now a problem. Going to your homepage and tapping on listen does not connect but gives a copyright message. Help please
Jim Park
Guest 4802, when you click on the "Listen Now" graphic, top right, you should see a Live 365 Player requiring another click on the start arrow. After that, as long as your browser is open you should be receiving the station. Please try again. I think all is in order on our end.
Jim Park
Guest 4802, are you using a computer, cell phone or other mobile device?
Jim Park
Again, to Guest 4802, I am able to connect nicely via my Samsung cell phone and all sounds fine.
Everything seems fine now as it was early this morning. Great to have you guys back on
Jim Park
Thanks for tuning in! ...and it is good to be back.
Jim Park
We have arrived at fair Friday and the music has returned, just in case you haven't heard. We're back on the air with music around the clock together with some of the rational, thoughtful and insightful Christian short programs to be found anywhere.

We also feature some very talented artists who make music about the deeper things blended with the popular musical heritage we enjoy from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Give us a listen and tell us what you think! smile
Jim Park
Our playlist is now functioning properly (just in case you hadn't noticed). Thanks for tuning in today!
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The Morning Show returns in November …

Beginning in November, our live Morning Show resumes. While we understand that most folks listen to us for the music, you should know that our 8:00 (Central) hour weekday mornings will again contain conversations with some articulate folks with special knowledge to share with you. Not sermons. Not preachy stuff. Not churchy, either. Typically, these last for 30 minutes or so, then it’s back to music. If you don’t mind going a bit deeper into the things that matter, listen for these special people …

• Dr. Don Clark, a biochemist and board Vice Chairman with Creation Moments, joins us each Tuesday morning during our 8:00 hour Central. You’ll enjoy a true scientist’s perspective on faith and you can join the discussion in the chat window above. Creation vs. evolution? Science vs. faith? Will the war ever end? Listen in as we lob a few shells over the ramparts.

• Doug Greenwold, Senior Teaching Fellow at Preserving Bible Times visits just after 8:00 Central each Wednesday morning to guide us through the historical and cultural context of Scripture.

• Gisle Sorli, our resident Norwegian and Family Wealth Counselor, visits Thursday mornings just after 8:00 when we discover together just how broad a meaning has the term “stewardship”.

Tune in for our live Morning Show from 7 – 10am Central each weekday beginning in November …but you can listen all day, every day for music you’ll remember, music that inspires, makes you smile and even teaches. These are melodies that please, lyrics you can understand and artists that won’t yell at you.

We invite you to visit our Podcast page to hear and download past conversations with Doug Greenwold, Dr. Don Clark, Gisle Sorli and many others …and thanks for finding Broken Road Radio!

BRR is now heard on, too! …

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Listen, participate, enjoy …

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